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The Sublime Lord Trayambaka

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The Sublime Lord Trayambaka
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Lord Trayambaka is steeped in contemplation. From the Sanskrit, His name translates to ‘the one with three (tri) eyes (ambaka)’. Indeed, the three-eyed roopa (form) of Lord Shiva has come to be from the highest realms of samadhi, asamprajnata (independent of object), nirbeeja (seedless). Beyond the sublime exterior of this Shivaroopa is an infallible entity that has won over the most powerful of the kleshas (afflictions) of human prakrti (nature), which is abhinivesha (fear of death, clinging to life). Japa of the Trayambaka mantra equips the sadhaka to deal with abhinivesha - not only their own, but also that which stems from raaga (attachment) of others.

He is seated in the perfect padmasana, heels gathered together directly below the navel, the knees and ischial tuberosity tripod set firmly on the ground beneath oneself. Note how the vibrant gold of the tigerskin loincloth contrasts sharply against His ashen blue complexion. With six of His eight hands - ashtabhujadhari or eight-armed Deva - He holds pots of nectar that He pours over Himself and the most ardent of His devotees. The same high-precision brushstrokes of His dark kesha (locks) have gone into the snakes that raise their hoods about His body. The lotus beneath His asana (mat), as well as the infusion of multiple shades and tints of blue in the background, add to the tranquil aura of Lord Maharityunjaya.

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Item Code: HO94
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
8.00 inch X 10.00 inch
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