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Summer Has Arrived!

Summer Has Arrived!
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Item Code: MG22
Watercolor on Paper
9.9 inches X 12.9 inches
Rajasthan is instrumental in providing some of the finest paintings. They are recognizably different in intent from traditional Mughal attitudes.

This vibrant work is packed with descriptive details both of the action and the ambience. The scene heralds the summer season with its juicy, sumptuous fruits of melons and water melons. A woman gracefully dressed sits with a balance and weights selling the fruit to a couple who take time in choosing and selecting the sweetest. On one side of the woman are deep green water melons, with a few of them cut to display the luscious red pulp. The other side has a stack of yellow musk melons.

The man wears a rich jama, a turban and fine jewellery. The two women are painted wearing skirts, cholis and transparent odhinis. They are both adorned in delicate ornaments. The tree, which provides them shade forms an important element of the background. Asymmetrical architecture provides a peep into the clear blue sky.

This description by Renu Rana.

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