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Their Bodies Intermingled......

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Their Bodies Intermingled......
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Orissa's Paata Painting on Tussar Silk
Artist Rabi Behera
19.5" x 31.0"
Radha embodies the doctrine of Vaishnavism. Despite this, she does not acquire the status of a goddess but remains the prototypical romantic heroine celebrated in literature and paintings.

In the pitch darkness of the night, unafraid, Radha is in close embrace with her lover. She is dressed in flowing garments and exquisite jewellery. With her leg wrapped around Krishna, she looks into his eyes, unabashedly. Her golden complexion complements the blue of Krishna's body. In a reciprocatory gesture, he too wraps his leg around Radha's form. In this way, they precariously balance themselves on the lotus emerging from the turbulent waters. Krishna wears an elaborate crown and other attractive pieces of jewellery. Their bodies intermingled, the faces are seen in profile. Only colour of their costumes help distinguish one body from the other and therefore forms an important tool in this painting.

The artist has painted a halo around their heads but it is overlooked by the one formed by the tree bending to embrace the divine couple in its arms.

This description by Renu Rana.

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