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To Fill or Not to Fill

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To Fill or Not to Fill
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Item Code: HD97
Water Color On old Paper
Artist Kailash Raj
9.0" X 11.5"
Literature and poetry exercised a strong influence on painting. Love or romantic themes were popular and especially themes related to Krishna found tremendous favour.

This miniature is very subtly compartmentalized, and at the same time, inter-related. The upper portion depicts Krishna sitting languorously, playing his flute, as the cows gather around him gazing adoringly at Krishna, the cowherd. His body sports rich ornaments; the crown encrusted with gems, having peacock feathers at the pinnacle. The arrangement of trees and the thick foliage in the miniature is quite natural and appreciable. Some oddly placed huts comprise the upper right area.

The lower compartment sees Radha come to fill water with her friends. The friends have filled their pitchers with water and are urging Radha to come with them. But Radha fills and then empties her pitcher as her mind is with her lover Krishna. The sound of his flute does not let her finish her chores and makes her come running to him.

This description by Renu Rana.

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