The Trance Of Rudratandava

The Trance Of Rudratandava

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Hyper-precise lines. A vivid colour palette. Dynamic silhouettes giving life to a devotional theme. The pattachitra of Orissa is arguably one of the most diverse forms of Indian folk art. This one is a striking, multitone composition that depicts the divine Rudratandava as the subject of Devi Parvati’s worship. Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva, while ‘tandava’ is the word for the cosmic nrtya (dance) with which He fulfills His role as cosmic destroyer. In this painting, the beauteous Lord Shiva engages in tandava while Devi Parvati looks on with shraddha. Shraddha is in both Her body and Her body language - only a devi who has so much shraddha for her husband in her heart can be so beautiful.

From the brilliantly coloured tigerskin loincloth to the bits of snake wrapped around His limbs and torso, there is much of the animalistic in the Lord Rudra ensemble. His body motions into the shape of the Nataraja.

Zoom in on different parts of His musculature to appreciate the lifelike detail of the same. Framed by gold kundalas and gorgeously flaying locks, His face has an expression of all-absorbing trance. In sharp contrast to which is the misery of apasmara (epileptic), who stands for avidya trodden under the tandava of Lord Rudra. Note the meticulousness with which he has been painted, unlike in most other similar compositions.

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Paata Painting on Patti
Folk Art from the Temple Town of Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behera
13.0 inch X 19.0 inch
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