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Tree of Life and Wild Animals in The Jungle

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Tree of Life and Wild Animals in The Jungle
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Madhubani art (also called Mithila art) showcase themes like scenes from everyday life, religious festivals, and nature. One of the most used motifs with this art form is the Tree of Life, a simple yet impactful representation of the universe, creation, and life itself. This image of a Tree is a sacred symbol recognizable across many cultures, also symbolizing sustenance and provenance. This form of art also uses natural dyes (usually from ingredients found in nature such as flowers and plants). On this painting of the Tree of Life, the tree itself is vibrantly colored with white leaves accented with an orange backdrop. The trunk and branches feature black and white stripes.

Another hallmark of Madhubani art is that the canvas or paper is filled with color or pattern. This means that every inch of the space is covered with intricate patterns, highlighting the artist’s dedication to the finer details and their skill in creative execution. This aesthetic touch is highlighted in the painting, too: notice that all animals in the picture are surrounded by plants, effectively unifying the elements to the main subject which is the Tree of Life. Some animals depicted in the painting are birds, elephants, and cows. The leaves around the animals are painted in colors such as yellow and green which adds contrast to the rest of the other elements in the backdrop. These animals are all depicted under the shade of the tree, flocking under the tree that gives them life.

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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist: Vandana Devi
20 inch x 28 inch
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