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Peacocks And the Life-Giving Tree

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Peacocks And the Life-Giving Tree
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The enduring image of the life-giving tree, executed using the age-old kalamkari technique. Kalamkari is a portmanteau of the words ‘kalam’, which means pen, and ‘kari’, which means handiwork. It refers to the folk art of Andhra Pradesh, and is known for its simplicity of technique and the devotion in its themes. The kalamkari painting that you see on this page bears all the hallmarks of the authentic art form with a spin of the contemporary.

The canvas is made of a rough-hewn cotton fabric, which is the norm with kalamkari art. The colour palette comprises basic yet vivid pastels. A midtone yellow for the solid-coloured background, representative of sunset skies, and red and green jewel tones on the peacock plumage. A slender-stemmed tree grows from a mound of earth and branches out across the canvas, sprouting leaves and flowers in irresistible shapes and colours. While a couple of peacocks are roosting amidst those branches, a pair dances at the very base of the shoot with their gorgeous plumage exposed to view. A gigantic scarlet-coloured bloom lies at the confluence of the branches of the life-giving tree.

The tree is an object of worship in India. It is the veritable symbol of sattvaguna (stability attribute), of a nature that is eternally and selflessly loving and giving. To introduce a tree-of-life painting in your home or office decor is to bring a visual representation of core Indian values in to your space.

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Kalamkari Painting on Cotton
Artist - M. Viswanath Reddy (Andhra Pradesh)
24 inch X 41 inch
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