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A Unique Swing

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A Unique Swing
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Item Code: HF41
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
6.3" X 8.9"
The love legend of Radha and Krishna is an inexhaustible source for the artists inclined to depict various romantic moods and situations and in the process, achieve a synthesis of spirituality and sensuality. There was no art form untouched by this opportunity and all schools of North India reveled in their depiction.

On the banks of river Yamuna a tree bends in a manner to provide the loving couple a swing to sway on. Radha and Krishna make the best use of it and indulge in their love talk uninterrupted. Radha seems to be saying something important for Krishna to take a break from playing his flute, turn back his head and look straight into her eyes. For once Krishna is not depicted in pitamber clothing; instead he is shown with a long black shoulder cloth, from under which peeks his trademark yellow. An elaborate turban adorns his head, replete with pearl strings and peacock plumes. Delicate ornaments decorate his body. Radha his beloved is dressed in a long skirt a short blouse and an opaque odhini. Her fragile limbs compliment the delicacy of her features. She rests one hand on the trunk of the tree and gesticulates with the other as she talks to her lover.

Small white flowers sprout from all over to surround them. Banana plantains and other thick foliage can be seen on the right. The background provides a view of the village hutments with cows resting in the fields under the evening skies.

This description by Renu Rana.

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