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Virasana Devi Mahagauri

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Virasana Devi Mahagauri
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There is no equal of the Devi Parvati in either saundarya (beauty) or sadhana. Daughter of the great northern mountains, Her name ‘Parvati’ means ‘one who belongs to the mountains’ in Sanskrit. She went on to become the wife of Lord Shiva, Devi Uma; but as the rough-terrain daughter observing severe yogic sadhana in the deepest Himalayan recesses, She is Devi Gauri. And it is the resplendence of the Mahagauri (‘great Gauri’) that this watercolour seeks to capture.

She has five heads and ten arms to tend to Her austerities. Like the true mountain-born, She wears a saree the colour of the snow. A white lotus with purple undertones forms Her asana, which is balanced on the back of the handsome Nandi. His hooves tread a lush pocket in the mountains, coated with verdure and flowers aplenty. Glowing red skies complement the pristine colour palette of the central figure.

The Devi Mahagauri, seated in virasana, is the very picture of sattvaguna. Her countenance, with its composure of seedless samadhi, is aglow as the fresh pink flowers on Her garland. One of Her ten arms (dashabhujadhari, much like Her Devi Durga form) She raises in blessing as She watches over ihaloka with maternal tender eyes.

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Item Code: HO09
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
10 inches X 12.5 inches
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