10" The Incomparable Devi Uma | Seated Parvati | Handmade | Brass Statue | Made In India

10" The Incomparable Devi Uma | Seated Parvati | Handmade | Brass Statue | Made In India

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Daughter of the mountains, wife of Lord Shiva. The indisputable queen of triloka, the three (‘tri’) realms (‘loka’) of existence. Possessed of beauty and potence, vigour and compassion. She is Devi Uma, also known as Parvati or Gauri depending on the connotation. The sculpture that you see on this page is a reproduction in pure brass of the iconography of Devi Uma, the most signature aspect of which is the gesture of the right hand. Bent at the elbow, the fingers are seemingly gathered around the stalk of a lotus that She seemingly brings up to Her face for its irresistible scent.

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10.20 inch Length X 9.50 inch Width X 16.50 inch Height
11.4 kg

Earthy shades of brown, characteristic of the medium. Overtones of a shimmery blue-green hue. Tall and long-limbed, Her narrow form is characterised by an enduring aesthetic. The slender crown on Her head tapers upwards like Her hips taper into a miniscule waist, the musculature of Her legs into delicate ankles, the width of Her shapely shoulders into fine-boned wrists. With Her legs in lalitasana, She leans straight-armed on to Her throne. A poise as light and graceful as a wisp of cygnine plumage.

An ornate plinth that befits the glamour of Devi Uma. A quadrilateral pedestal engraved with lotus petals, upon which is an upturned lotus bloom of gigantic proportions. The Devi is seated on its pistil. Note how the height of the plinth ensures that the Devi’s foot does not touch the ground beneath.

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