11" Dakshinamurti Shiva In Brass

11" Dakshinamurti Shiva In Brass

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Hindu religion, the most ancient of all religions, is not just about the gods and rituals. At the core of all its philosophy lies only one single objective, to attain the ultimate truth, the truth of one's being, beyond which nothing more remains to be known. The realization that makes one complete and infinite. However, it is very hard to attain the highest without the help of someone who has already reached, also known as the Guru (master). This is where Lord Dakshinamurthy becomes very significant. He is none other than the supreme Lord Shiva himself, assuming the position of the first Guru of mankind. Adamant not to share this divine knowledge at first, he finally turned south and delivered his first sermon on the day of Gurupurnima, hence known as Lord Dakshinamurthy (the one facing south).

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Brass Statue
11.5 inch Height X 10 inch Width X 6 inch Depth
5.94 kg

The grandeur and immensity of Lord Dakshinamurthy are unmatchable. In this form, the lord is the manifestation of the ultimate truth itself. Although it's not possible to capture the divinity of Lord Dakshinamurthy in any limited form, the artist has done brilliant work by reaching the nearest he could. It appears that a trace of the divine is almost vibing at the core of this statue. The statue portrays the Lord sitting under a Banyan tree, delivering the words of wisdom to the Rishis (saints) sitting near him. The presence of a demon below his feet (signifying ignorance) and a flame of fire in his hand (signifying knowledge) solidifies his stature as the first Guru. His serene face, intimidating posture, and truth in his heart just make him beyond the reach of the false. Ignorance just burns down in his presence and through it emerges the fire of wisdom. This is the reason Lord Dakshinamurthy has always been prominent for the people on the path of the truth. It is said that those who worship him are soon blessed with a living guru. This statue captures these dimensions with exquisite beauty, making this not just a statue but a living testimony to the glory of Lord Dakshinamurthy.

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