11" Kirtimukha Wall Hanging Mask (Ward off Evil) In Brass

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Bulging eyes, sharp fangs, and a striking ferocity in the demeanor, the brass Kirtimukha motif is an ancient Hindu element visible in the grand temple complexes, gracing the entrance of the Garbhagriha or sanctum sanctorum. Narrated in the Shiva Maha Purana, the story of the origin of Kirtimukha is as astounding as the artistic rendition of the lion-faced demon.

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Brass Statue
Height: 11 inch
Width: 10 inch
Depth: 1.7 inch
Weight: 1.32 kg
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Jalandhara, the menacing demon king after conquering the human and divine world, was struck by a vicious desire of winning goddess Parvati, the great mother and the most beautiful female in the three worlds, as his queen. Overjoyed by the thought, Jalandhara chose the demon Rahu as his messenger, who reached Kailasha and expressed the feelings of his king in front of Lord Shiva. Hearing the message, Shiva released his powerful rage which took the form of a ferocious demon, ready to devour the messenger of Jalandhara. Rahu however was a cunning one who knew that the Mahadeva would forgive anyone who asked for his benevolence. With folded hands, Rahu prayed to Shiva to spare him, and the Bhole Nath Shiva immediately stopped his demon from attacking Rahu.

Rahu was saved from the rage of Shiva but the powerful demon who was born moments ago was suffering from a seething hunger. The demon approached his creator Shiva and prayed to him to provide him with satiating nourishment. Shiva, the Adi Deva whose divine plays (Lila) is incomprehensible for even the most learned ones ordered the demon to devour himself.  Thus began a bizarre spectacle, of the demon slowly eating his limbs as per the wish of his maker, until the only part left of his humongous body was his face. Lord Shiva, moved by the self-sacrifice of his creation praised him and gave him the boon that he will always reside at the entrance of holy shrines as the guardian of the divine sphere, and anyone who fails to appreciate and pay respect to him, will not be able to gain the blessings of Shiva. In remembrance of the lion-faced demon’s glorious act, Shiva named him Kirtimukha (Kirti- glory, Mukha- face).

Exotic India Art with this brass Kirtimukha wall hanging brings to you the protective powers of Shiva’s boons and the potencies of Vaastu prescribed Kirtimukha that wards off all evil and ensures the presence of only positive, spiritual vibrations in your space.

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  • Q. Is the statue hollow or solid ?
    A. Brass statues are made through a process of clay casting, hence are hollow. Whereas, panchaloha bronze statues are made through a process of lost wax casting, hence they are solid.
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    A. For original pictures of the statue, kindly email us at help@exoticindia.com.
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    A. All returns must be postmarked within seven (7) days of the delivery date. All returned items must be in new and unused condition, with all original tags and labels attached. To know more please view our return policy.
  • Q. Can you customise the statue for me ?
    A. For any customisation, kindly email us at help@exoticindia.com.
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