12" Brass Lord Neelkanth Varni Statue | Handmade

12" Brass Lord Neelkanth Varni Statue | Handmade

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Neelkanth Varni was the name taken by Ghanshyam Pande, a young yogi who began his journey to India in its entirety after the demise of his parents. Here we have a fine brass idol of Neelkanth Varni, a Vaishnava saint honored today in Gujrat and surrounding regions as an embodiment of devotion, wisdom, love for humankind, and asceticism.  

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12.50 inch Height X 4.25 inch Width X 4.25 inch Depth
1.98 kg

In his left hand, Neelkanth Varni holds a kamandalu and in the right hand, he has a lotus bud, a symbol of pureness. A simple lion cloth is wrapped around his thinning body owing to his strict self-discipline. A small bundle of food hangs around his neck, enough to keep his body and soul together. As a result of his Tapasya, Neelaknth Varni attained divine wisdom and is worshipped today as Swami Narayana. 

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