21" Circular Dashavatara Panel in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

21" Circular Dashavatara Panel in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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A statement Dashavatara panel such as this one would be a valuable addition to your home or office. Mounted on a vertical circular-shaped panel of wood are eleven figurines made of brass. The natural gold colour finish of the murtis contrasts sharply with the deep solid brown of the wooden panel. Each of the avataras (earthly incarnations) of Lord Vishnu, of which there are dasha (ten) in number, has been carved with its own miniature lotus-on-quadrilateral plinth and poised on a minimalistic extension from the body of the wooden panel.

At the centre towards the bottom of the panel is the image of the Mahavishnu. The chaturbhujadhari (possessed of four arms) stands under a Kirtimukham aureole with His vahana, Garuda, kneeling at His feet. On either side of Mahavishnu is an avatara each, Lord Vamana (to the right) and Lord Rama (to the left). Clockwise from the right of Lord Vamana, the avataras are Lord Hayagreeva, Lord Krishna, Lord Parashurama, Lord Koorma, Lord Matsya, Lord Narasimha, Lord Buddha, and Lord Varaha. The avataras are arranged in perfectly symmetrical order and have their own distinguishing iconography; for example, the bow and the flute of Rama and Krishna, respectively, and the half-faunal forms of Koorma and Matsya.

Right on top of the Mahavishnu figurine, dangling from underneath the composite extension beneath the Koorma and Matsya figurines, is a miniature bell. It adds to the auspiciousness of the composition.

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Item Code: ZEP435
21.50 inch Height X 22.00 inch Width X 5.60 inch Depth
12 kg

5.677 kg - Weight of Brass Statues
6.313 kg - Weight of Wooden Frame

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