21" Kalinga Krishna | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai

21" Kalinga Krishna | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai


Krishna, a name that echoes with the hearts of millions of Hindus who worship him with selfless devotion, is a god like no other. Throughout his life, he had engaged himself in various incidents that appear as mere miracles on the surface but carry deep philosophical insights. One such story mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana expounds upon the nature of the human mind in great audacity.

As per the story, the king of serpents, Kaliya fled from his abode and took shelter in the Yamuna river, on the banks of Vrindavan. His venom was polluting and poisoning the water of the Yamuna, badly damaging the life in the river and the people dependent on it. Krishna took notice of it and found his way straight into the river

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21.00 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width X 6.20 inch Depth
8.40 kg

Kaliya took hold of Krishna and coiled himself around him. People standing on the bank became very worried. But after some moments of confusion, Krishna emerged out of water standing on the head of Kaliya while holding his tail in his hand. He jumped from one head to another and displayed an exuberant dance. While multiple heads of Kaliya represent our endless desires, Krishna symbolises our victory upon them, and thus attainment of ultimate liberation, and divine ecstasy

The brilliant craftsmen of Swamimalai have captured the complete essence of the story in this beautiful work of art. This bronze statue has been delicately made using the ancient Madhuchista Vidhana technique. In this statue, Krishna has been depicted as a divine lord standing on the head of the serpent Kaliya while holding his tail with his left hand. The right hand is blessing his devotees holding the Abhaya Mudra. While adorned with beautiful clothes, the face of the lord looks completely calm and at ease, emanating every sign of divinity.

This posture of Krishna and the story behind it carries a deep meaning that can help one to understand the nature of the mind. This elegant statue has been brilliantly successful in its attempt to capture both mythical and philosophical aspects of the story, shading an aura of vibrance and stillness on it. Along with being a very beautiful piece of art, this statue also symbolises the ultimate possibility of the human mind.

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