22" Namaskaram Lord Garuda With The Majestic Wings In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

22" Namaskaram Lord Garuda With The Majestic Wings In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Lord Garuda is a falcon-deity. As the vahana of none other than Lord Vishnu, He ferries the creator across the multitude of lokas (realms of existence) and presides over winged creatures Himself. In Indian art, He has evolved to acquire a predominantly human form, as could be seen in this brass sculpture. He has the body of a super-strong man, a yogi in terms of form and temperament; and has retained only the wings of His eagle form.

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Item Code: ZEN191
Brass Statue
22.50 inch Height x 18.50 inch Width x 11.70 inch Depth
25 kg

The majestic wings set this Lord Garuda composition apart from other vahana iconographies. They spread wide lateral to His broad shoulders, and close down around His torso such that the tips of the wings graze His dhoti-clad hips. Zoom in on the same to observe the sweeping serrations made by the artisan - it is a fine example of high-precision handiwork. Note the lifelike angle of curvature of the silhouette, which betrays the sculptor’s fine attention to detail.

The Lord Garuda is seated with one knee on a simple pedestal. He is wearing a short dhoti that reveals the musculature of His powerful limbs. His hands are in the Namaskaram mudra, which He uses to greet Lord Vishnu. An elaborate crown and halo grace His head, from beneath which emerge a cascade of thick locks. His handsome face bears an expression of fierce, unwavering devotion.

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