22" Padamasana Lord Buddha Clad In A Superbly Woven Robe In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

22" Padamasana Lord Buddha Clad In A Superbly Woven Robe In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhist religion is known for his immense hardships, extreme sacrifices and long lasting patience to complete the journey of attaining enlightenment; postured enticingly on a richly carved lotus pedestal, having parallel double layered petals on a supremely chiselled base.

Tibetan Buddha in his iconic padmasana holds the beautiful begging bowl identifying him as the head of the order and the other hand faces outwards forming the cosmic wheel of law by his thumb and fore finger joined together.

Apart from his perfect carvings and finite structures, Lord Buddha is draped in luxurious robe having interlocked carvings and a mesmerizing thin border. The realistic expressions of his face, high browed eyes and the exclusive coiled hair represent the sculptor’s knowledgeable skills and fine play of hands. The upward wavy mark on his forehead is the third eye of wisdom and the three clear lines on neck symbolize his sweet and soulful voice.

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Brass Statue
22.20 inch Height X 15.20 inch Width x 11.70 inch Depth
21.30 kg

On the bed of a gigantic lotus in full bloom, its petals opening outwards with all the fervour of the yogic being. A glamorous pedestal for the finest of India’s ascetics, the Lord Buddha. The erstwhile Shakyamuni later went on to become the Enlightened One, not without years of tapa (self-sacrifice) and svadhyaya (self-pursuit). He trudged through wilderness to one day arrive at the foot of the Bodhi tree, under the shade of which He then attained to Buddhahood.


The fine sculpture that you see on this page captures the Buddha in all the effulgence of samadhi (enlightenment). From the half-shut eyes to the wisdom-laden mouth, the composure of His handsome countenance betrays the equanimity of the divine. The same is framed by finely carved karnakundalas, from the tips of which emerges a full head of gracious curls. Note the slenderness and the high-precision carving of the hands and feet (gathered in the perfect padmasana) of the seated monk.


The robe He is clad in is the most unusual aspect of this composition. A distinctive and pronounced weave, each of which has been fashioned with utmost uniformity and detail. The result is a drape that is at once dynamic and fit for a king. The precision and symmetry of the sculptor’s skill extends to the lotus petals that make up the asana (seat/pedestal) - the sheer symmetry with which the same have been sculpted adds to the aesthetics of the composition.

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