31" Buddha in Dhyana Mudra | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai

31" Buddha in Dhyana Mudra | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai

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One of the most prevalent gestures among Buddha statues is Buddha in the dhyana mudra stance, with his fingers crossed and thumb tips united in a perfect triangular angle, denoting his dhyana mudra. Buddha is the one who has gained wisdom and is in charge of disseminating enlightenment knowledge across the world. This depiction of Buddha in dhyana mudra is an imitation from the 4th to 5th centuries. During the great Mahayana congregation of Harshvardhana in the 7th century, life-size metal representations of Buddha, including those of gold, were carried in procession.  

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Solid Bronze Statue
31.00 inch Height X 21.00 inch Width X 18.00 inch Depth
104.2 kg

This expertly handcrafted panchaloha brass statue is etched and engraved in an exclusive beauty, having Buddha seated in a lotus posture on a charming double lotus stupa pedestal having superfine petals chiselled in précis shape and position. The style of his robe is significantly unusual from the iconic Buddha marionettes. The way it is draped over his body and sculpted in enticing styled pleats with a thin ethnic border with paisley motif designs captivate an effect on the viewer's eyes. Notice the large closed eyes, sharp nose, small curvature of lips, long elongated earlobes, and coiled hair notch in perfect intricate details. 

When it comes to sculptural history, the South is where bronze truly took off as a medium. 
Panchaloha, from which this brass statue is produced, is one of the finest domestic bronzes, accounting for the Buddha's grace's deep, warm brown and beautiful shine. This statue of Buddha in dhyana mudra made by the direct lost-wax process is solid in casting which makes it an original and rare piece. Major bronze casting has persisted through centuries down to the present at centres such as Swamimallai in the Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu. The magnificent work is created by hereditary sthapathi foundries still mainly produce the solid casting. Thanks to the small scale tribal foundries for creating the heavenly panchaloha of swamimalai.

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