33" The Resplendence Of Dancing Shiva In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

33" The Resplendence Of Dancing Shiva In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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The dance of Shiva stems from Chidambaram, the heart or the core of one’s being. It is called the tandavam, the omnipotent nritya (dance) of the divine annihilator. His name is Lord Nataraja, king (‘raja’) of the performing arts (‘nata’ from ‘nrtya’), one of the most powerful and the most instantly recognisable form of Lord Shiva. The circular silhouette of flames it is contained in is symbolic of the cyclical nature of illusion and existence.

A pure brass composition with strategic infusions of a dark, mossy green. Lord Nataraja dances with abandon, the right foot set deep against the body of Apasmara, who is but personified avidya. The left leg is raised high in the air, indicative of the vigorous, destructive nature of Shivatandavam. The damroo and the flame in His posterior hands are indicative of the twin projective-annihilative nature of Lord Shiva (without one, the other would not happen). The highly characteristic mudra of the anterior hands; the body of a snake flaying to the right, a strip of the Lord’s angavastram to the right. Finally, a handsome face framed crowned with the multiple hoods of a deadly serpent and framed by thick locks flaying across the shoulders.

The aureole surrounding the central figure is a rind of flower-studded vine, from which emerge discrete flames of a destructive fire. There are hints of the head of a mythical trunked creature at the base of the aureole, on either side of the vanquished Apasmara.

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Brass Statue
33 inch x 26 inch x 10 inch
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