43" Superfine Superbly Embellished Krishna in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

43" Superfine Superbly Embellished Krishna in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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The ethereal beauty and grace of Lord Krishna has been captured to perfection in this sculpture. It is a tall, slender number, poised upon an ornate pedestal which resembles the extended pistil of a luxuriantly petalled flower. The same is engraved with perfectly symmetrical, elongated petals, upon which rests one of the paadapadma (lotus-shaped feet) of the cowherd deity. One of His feet rises mid-air, the hip jutting out laterally, in step with the music of His flute.
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Brass Statue
43.00 inch Height X 18.50 inch Width x 13.50 inch Depth
73.3 kg

The charm of the handsome young Vishnu-avatara lies in the music that emanates from His flute. He grasps its long, cylindrical body betwixt His fingers, purses His lips together to breathe life into its apertures. Upon the mid-brow on His handsome face is the signature Vaishnavite tilaka (forehead tattoo) touching the rim of a glamorous multi-tiered crown. Behind its upper reaches is a halo with curvaceous serrations. The adornments of gold and flowers that graces the body of Lord Krishna complements such a crown.

The most striking aspect of this Lord Krishna composition is the cluster of multitudinous vines around the body of the shapely youth. It is not completely symmetrical, yet it adds a world of balance to the tribhanga (the body jutting out at three different junctures) stance of the central figure. They descend from His hips, parrots roosting within their folds, and curl between His legs and upon the pedestal.

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