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Dancing Apsara Playing a Violin

Dancing Apsara Playing a Violin

Apsaras are the female spirits of clouds and waters in Hindu culture who were born from the foam created by the churning of Ocean of Milk. This wooden sculpture is inspired by the erotic art of Khajuraho and sculpted in traditional South Indian style carvings. The sculptor has twisted the figure of this celestial nymph into an extraordinary pose enhancing her essence of dance and music. She stands in a dancing posture on a stylized lotus pedestal carved in multiple layers of flower petals. She is seen as playing a violin with her two hands, producing mesmerizing tunes and dancing gracefully to those melodious sounds.

The apsara is garbed in an ethnic styled short dhoti that reaches her thighs forming beautiful floral embellished patterns with its loose ends hung nimbly on either side. The beauty of her jewels complement with her own beauty; beaded necklaces are placed amazingly on her chest along with the long spiraled earrings and the unique crown flaunting her sensuality and grace. The gentle expressions of her face and that sweet smile are sculpted in a naturalistic manner. This finite sculpture is a great ornamentation to decorate your hotel or restaurant areas.

Item Code: ZEO076
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
18.20 inch Height X 9.50 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
1.90 Kg.

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