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Sculptures > Stone > Defining Each Other's Existence
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Defining Each Other's Existence

Defining Each Other's Existence

Defining Each Other's Existence

Sold Out

Pair of White Marble Sculptures

1.5 ft x 0.8 ft x 0.3 ft
10.3 kg
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Defining Each Other's Existence

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In traditional Vaishnava literature, Krishna is compared to the sun and Radha to sunshine. Both exist simultaneously, but one comes from the other. It is however a misperception to say that the sun is prior to sunshine because as soon as there is the sun, there is sunshine. More significantly, the sun has no meaning without sunshine; and sunshine doesn't exist without the sun. Thus, the sun and sunshine coexist, each defining the existence of the other.

Here, carved in milky white marble, the ultimate symbol of purity amongst all the materials available to the Indian sculptor, stands this divine pair. Krishna is standing in his typical posture with the right leg crossed before the left. The Mother is her usual straightforward self. While he blissfully plays away at his flute, she raises her right hand in a gesture of compassionate blessing. Radha Ji's left hand holds a lotus bud which never withers.

Lord Krishna wears a yellow color dhoti known as 'Pitambara.' The folds of his upper robe can be seen looping symmetrically at the two sides, pointing out the skill of the sculptor. Radhaji's sari is of the same color as Krishna's upper garment. Mata Ji is wearing a red blouse.

Both Radha and Krishna are bathed sumptuously in gold. The application of gold on deity murtis like this is always through 24 karat gold leaf. Krishna's long curving necklace and Radharani's straight one, all contribute their own to the divine splendor of this supreme couple.

They are both wearing rich crowns topped with a peacock feather. Krishna is marked with the sacred Vaishnava tilaka on his forehead, while Radha Ji adorns a small red bindi. Lord Krishna's lips slightly widen out in a smile. Shrimati Radharani's lips, even while wearing a smile, are thinner and delicate.

All in all this magnificent pair of sculptures invites us temptingly to worship this supreme couple - an embodiment of loving bhakti. Indeed, to get an opportunity to worship Radha Ji and Krishna together is the highest blessing one can hope for in this material world. Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

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  • Este articulo CON NUMERO DE CODIGO ZP95 me interesa por favor me informan si su precio es en dolares o pesos mexicanos , yo soy de mexico y el articulo esta padrisimo.
    by San Martin Bizueto Hurtado on 18th Dec 2010
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Colis bien reçu, emballage excellent et statue conforme aux attentes. Du bon travail, je reviendrai sur votre site !
Alain, France
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