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Devi Lakshmi

Devi Lakshmi

Seated on a lotus pedestal, the goddess of fortune Shri Lakshmi Devi is looking gorgeous as she has a lustrous and transcendental form. Devi ji is the eternal consort of Bhagwan Vishnu; this supreme Lord is adorned in an ethnic and traditional set of garments. She holds sacred lotuses in both of her rear hands while the anterior hands are in a gesture of blessing.

The wide aureole behind the alluring deity is adorable as the kirtimukha above the gopuram styled aureole acts as an highlight; the two peacocks carved on both the sides are looking like a spark in the metallic and well illustrated sculpture.

All hail to the Devi who has the power of showering fortune and even creating universes by her own as she is non different from her husband, Narayan (the supreme lord). She has the kindness of infinite mothers that’s why it is very much easy to impress her but if someone disobeys then that person could face huge obstacles. Devi Lakshmi ji is a pativrata (a wife completely devoted and surrendered in the service of her husband) and thus, sets an example for us to respect our values and handle our responsibilities properly.

Ships in 1-3 days
Item Code: ZEN575
Panchaloha Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
7.80 inch Height X 6.00 inch Width x 3.20 inch Depth
1.40 Kg.

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