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The Drummer (Apsara)

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The Drummer (Apsara)
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Apsaras or the celestial nymphs are the cosmic musicians and dancers who provide sensual pleasure for both heavenly gods and men. In Indian mythology, she is the female spirit of clouds and waters depicting graceful and sinuous gestures narrating classical myths or religious stories. This drummer apsara is carved like that of the famous South Indian wood temple carvings; dancing on a three-layered pedestal, sculpted in a distinctive manner.

The body stance and position of her legs demonstrates her joyous gestures and a happy soul. She is seen as playing drums, simultaneously to her dance moves, presenting classic tales and wooing the audience with her sensuous curves and moves. Her attires and accessories are carved in a super flowy manner complementing to her graceful persona.

She is dressed in a short-fitted blouse and a short length dhoti, decorated in multiple layers with the charming kamarband having its ends flowing on either side in marvellous postures. You will be amazed to see the design of her ornamentations that veil her in elegant mannerisms; focus on the style of her multiple necklaces, large karnaphool and her stylized side bun tied high on her head; soothing eyes, pointed nose and sweet smiling lips highlight her sharp and alluring facial features.

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Item Code: ZAA62
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
25 inch x 11.5 inch 4.5 inch
4.5 kg
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