Ganesha Dancing Nestled In The Trunk Of Ganesha: Lamp And Temple Bell Wall-Hanging

Ganesha Dancing Nestled In The Trunk Of Ganesha: Lamp And Temple Bell Wall-Hanging

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A Ganesha within a Ganesha composition such as this one would be an unusual addition to any Hindu home. Lord Ganesha is a popular subject of choice when it comes to devotional art produced in India. Indeed, the son of Shiva and Parvati is widely revered for His adorable chubby child’s form and the twin qualities of profound wisdom and innocence.

The composition that you see on this page is a wall-hanging of the elephant mukha (face) of Ganesha, flanked by a bunch of perfectly symmetrical, wing-like vines. Behind His head is a halo with minimalistic engravings. A crimson-coloured crown graces His brow. A crown of similar colour but of a distinctly tapering shape sits on the head of the miniscule full-body Ganesha nestling in the folds of the bigger one’s trunk. It is a compact dancing figurine, replete with four arms, the short dhoti, and a gigantic laddoo in the anterior left hand. It is remarkable how, despite the scale, a world of iconographical detail has been introduced into the work.

At the tip of the trunk is a sizeable brass dia. It has ample space for ghee and a long wick to ensure that it does not go out, no matter the gravity or duration of your poojana ritual. From the bottom of the lamp dangles a little temple bell. It is a washed-out gold colour and engraved with simplistic curves.

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Brass Statue
10 inch Height x 10.3 inch Width x 4.4 inch Depth
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