Ganesha Mask in Nepalese Style Inlay Work - Wall Hanging

Ganesha Mask in Nepalese Style Inlay Work - Wall Hanging

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Lord Ganesha is revered as the universal deity having a friendly and helpful nature. There are many Ganesha sculptures and wall hangings available in the market, but this one shown here is unique in all possible aspects of structure, decoration and designs. Although this sculpture is sculpted in a conservative Hindu tradition, but its distinctive style of exaggerated physical postures and elongated facial features identifies it to be a Nepalese art form.

This Ganesha wall hanging is decorated with bright red reconstituted stones all over his face, large flappy ears and the trunk added on with alternate green colored portions. Zoom in to carefully observe the highlighted eyes and the striking purple bead as the eyeball, along with the thick light green eyebrows eyebrows; full face is decorated with stunning stones and coiled patterns. The distinctive Shaivite tilak on forehead and the outrageous blue and white third eye is a symbol of his patronage.

Notice the orange colored pointed crown, having some contrasting floral structures at the base and a flower of beads in the centre. Look at the top to applaud sculptor’s imagination of elongated, sophisticated and cosmic pattern of the head gear in royal green, blue and orange shades. Ganesha is ornamented in a green bead necklace and a flairy multicolored design at the neck; ornated lavishly, this sculpture with its bright and contrasting color combinations and stylized structure will beautify your wall in the most elegant manners.

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Item Code: ZEN694
Brass Statue With Inlay Work
14.50 inch Height X 9.50 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
5.54 kg
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