Gautam Buddha Robed in Dazzling Golden

Gautam Buddha Robed in Dazzling Golden

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With the attractive combination of the bright golden robe on the mossy green body of Lord Buddha, the sculptor intends to shift the viewer’s attention from the basic iconography of Buddha towards the glossy and unique colours used to highlight the Lord’s features and personality. Seated on a flat pedestal that almost touches the ground, Lord Buddha with the graceful vitarka gesture of his hand symbolizes the transmission of teachings of dharma. Tibetans regard vitarka mudra as ‘vyakhyana mudra’, representing the mudra of explanation, in which Lord Buddha teaches his disciples of the various truth reasoning and discussions, wishing to impart knowledge of the path to enlightenment.

The robe that Buddha wears is carved in a very simple and sober style with just a sleek border chiselled along the edges, but still forms to be the most enticing feature of this brass Buddha sculpture. The shiny golden colour is a resemblance to the morning sun rays, symbolic of the arrival of a fresh and peaceful start, leaving behind the previous desires. The extensive coils of his hairs represent Lord Buddha’s deep meditation overcoming all climatic conditions.

The sculptor has paid keen attention to the carvings of his facial features, having a sharply pointed nose, half-open eyes framed with a gentle arch of thin eyebrows and the long earlobes symbolic of his princely birth in the Shakya clan. The sculptor has maintained a beautiful balance of colours by depicting the lotus earrings, ushnisha and the alms bowl in golden, in accordance with the robe. This Buddha statue wherever placed will be a dazzling beauty to look at.


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Brass Statue
19.0 inch Height X 17.5 inch width X 11.0 inch depth
16.42 kg
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