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Gita Upadesha

Gita Upadesha

A magnificent model displaying one of the most important acts of the ancient Mahabharata, the narration of Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. The scene involves Shri Krishna seated on the driver’s seat while narrating Gita and handling the ropes (depicted as chains) of the horses and also Arjuna (The great warrior) is seated on the soldier’s seat with his palms joined together, praying to the Supreme Personality of Godhead seated in front of him. We can see Hanuman ji seated on shelter of the chariot behind the elephant’s head and near the ravishing flag placed on the top; the pillars and upper portion of the rath is comprised of the Rajasthani architecture which has been very carefully adopted here.

The four wheeled rath has a ramp placed under the horses’ feet which has also been supported by the wheels as it would be the medium to move the chariot here and there. The shikhara of the vehicle is shaped like Lotus bud which is looking adorable and gorgeous.

Item Code: ZEN008
Brass Statue
15.80 inch Height x 14.00 inch Width x 5.70 inch Depth
9.7 Kg.

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