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Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali

Kali, as the name says represents Kal (time), death, violence and doomsday. Despite being associated with darkness, she is a full-fledged symbol of Mother Nature in her creativity, love and nurture. This alluring and fresh looking sculpture of Kali displays her as standing on a supremely carved multilayered high platform in a nritya posture with her divine eight hands holding her iconographic implements to demolish negativity and ego and spread feelings of fearlessness, care and love.

She is the chief of the ten Mahavidyas and represents the sole power or light that makes the universe live, but can also burn it; she wears a garland of human heads, hair disheveled, small fangs protruding out of her mouth and eyes widened up, out of absolute rage. Apart from all these fierce gestures, she is the preserver and a loving primordial mother often referred as Kali Ma.

The artist here as very briefly sculpted the garments in symmetric scores and an ancient looking kamarband that hangs at the sides with the structure of her body in absolute accuracy adorned with blissful jewels. The initial sight of this statue demonstrates the violent as well as caring attributes of Goddess Kali.

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Item Code: ZEN569
Brass Statue
23.20 inch Height X 12.00 inch Width x 7.70 inch Depth
13.90 Kg.

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