Goddess Kali, The Universal Dominance Of Shakti

Goddess Kali, The Universal Dominance Of Shakti

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What stands out in this imposing murti of the wrathful Goddess Kali is the enormous sickle She wields. It is the very symbol of Her destructive prowess, complemented by the head of the demon Raktabeej She slayed and the bowl She holds beneath to prevent his blood from touching the ground, which is said to cause the birth of more demons. The final hand is in the varada mudra, the gesture of granting boons.

The beauty of the Devi is unmistakable. Her physique is of powerful musculature, Her flowing tresses thick enough to be Her garment. The most remarkable element of Her shringar are the kundalas that dangle till Her shoulders. Her composure of countenance is one of ferocity and bloodlust, what with Her fiery brow. Note the numberless snakes that reside in Her halo.

It is Her divine husband, the Lord Shiva himself, Who lies beneath Her feet. A typical characteristic of Kali's iconography, this conveys the Hindu principle of the dominance of Shakti.

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Brass Statue
32.2 inch Height x 20.5 inch Width x 13 inch Depth
40 kg
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