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Goddess Lakshmi Raining Gold Coins

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Natural Brass
Goddess Lakshmi Raining Gold Coins
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Brass Sculpture
8 inch X 6 inch X 4.8 inch
2.59 kg
Indian sculpture is a well developed art, not confined to any one medium. This brass image has a very aesthetic quality, the high point of this object d' art.

Sri is highly eulogised as a goddess for her beauty and devotion to Lord Vishnu. In every incarnation of Vishnu she has been his consort.

Lotus is associated with Lakshmi as her asana and attributes. Lotus is a sacred flower representing water as well as self-creation. Here, the goddess of beauty and prosperity sits on an inverted lotus. Although rarely represented without Vishnu, she sits alone here emanating charm and spirituality. She is depicted as a beautiful deity with a face that resembles the glow of the rising sun. The highlight here is the goddess’ beautiful nose ring. She also wears an elaborate crown (mukuta) and jewellery befitting the wife of the sustainer of the universe. One of her right hand is raised in a gesture of fearlessness (abhaya mudra) and the lower left hand in a gesture of boon bestowing (varada mudra), showering golden coins for the benefit of her worshippers.

This sculpture was prepared in the city of Aligarh, in the central Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

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