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Goddess Mariamman

Double Chola
Amazing Green Chola
Black Green Gold
Goddess Mariamman
The Hindu culture is a texture woven out of the Aryan warp and the Dravidian wool. Goddess Mariamman is an excellent example of such a phenomenon. Mariamman is one of the most popular village goddesses of Tamilnadu. The word Amman means Mother and the word Maari means either rain or smallpox. People usually worshipped her to ward off smallpox which, in days of the non-existence of the vaccination took a heavy toll on the population. To appease the Goddess, people sacrificed goats, sheep, and cocks. She was also worshipped by the ancient Dravidian people to bring rain and fertility and hence prosperity to them. Mariamman is a mother, guide, friend, and God to Tamil women and heals all the illnesses associated with redness, heat, and rashes, including chickenpox and measles.

The stunning Maariamman Brass statue is in spectacular & shinning Black-Green–Gold color. Manifesting yellow-golden, her pleasant face shines like dazzling Sun. Here, she is portrayed as a beautiful young woman wearing a Dhoti-skirt/ bottom-wear in black-green color with laharia design in yellow-gold. The Dhoti is tied with an attractive Kamar-bund. The goddess appears with four hands called Chatur-Bhujam and holding different weapons and articles that include a cup of vermillion, a Trishul ( trident ), a spear, and a cobra serpent to which is tied a fascinating Damroo.

The face, hands, legs, and the articles in hands are in Golden colour. Bejewelled with an eye-catching huge necklace, She is standing on a magnificent double-decker heightened podium. Goddess Mariamman is distinctive in all her glory with a unique five hooded snake giving shade over her wavy & beautifully carved hairline crowned with a sparkling long conical headgear. Thrilled, you might quite be lost gazing at this artwork.

Item Code: ZBG96
Brass Statue
25.0 inch x 10.0 inch x 8.0 inch
10.9 kg

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