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Haloed Saraswati With The Engraved Veena, Seated On The Edge

Haloed Saraswati With The Engraved Veena, Seated On The Edge
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This lithe Saraswati has been sculpted to be placed at the edge of the devotee's desk. With one limb pendant, She is seated gracefully in lalitasana as She plays on Her veena, a quintessential element of Her iconography. Speaking of iconography, Her portrayal is atypical of the exquisite bronzes of the Swamimalai region down South: Her countenance is sharply featured, Her limbs precisely sculpted. The highlight of Her shringar is the towering, intricately sculpted and layered crown. Held in place by a band of inverted lotus petals, the same is embellished with kirtimukha and makara images, both of which are symbols of the cyclical destruction waged by time.The rest of Her shringar is as gorgeous as would befit a devi of such ethereal beauty - necklaces cascading down to between Her fertile breasts, long kundalas grazing Her shoulders, bejewelled bracelets along the entire length of Her arm and rings and matching anklets.

The anterior hands are characteristically devoted to the veena. One of the posterior hands holds a pothi, while the other one bears the noose that She uses to rope in the adharmee. The dhoti She wears is held in place by a richly embellished kamarband, the silken fabric clinging against Her skin such as to reveal Her divine contours. Perfectly symmetrical sprigs of vines emerge from the hem of Her crown and rest delicately on Her shoulders. The veena on Her lap, as lifelike as the hands that play it, is engraved with motifs and curves that are in accordance with the Indian aesthetic standard. Seemingly the music She plays is as sweet as Her composure is collected and introspective. Note the unusual, gracious shape of the bindi on Her temple.

Item Code: ZEE36
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
23 inch Height x 18.5 inch Width x 13.7 inch Depth
25.4 kg

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