Hanuman Lifting the Sanjeevani Mountain

Hanuman Lifting the Sanjeevani Mountain

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Brass Statue
6.3 inch Height x 4.5 inch Width x 1.8 inch Depth
850 gm
Devotion to Rama is one of the most prevalent cults in all classes of Indian society. The Monkey headed demi god Hanuman, the selfless helper and devotee of Rama, is one of the main deities in most villages of northern India. Hanuman's image is also found in almost every one of the ancient forts of South India.

Standing on a semi-circular pedestal is Hanuman, with the monkey face and limbs of a human. In one hand he holds the end of his tail that takes the shape of a cobra head. In the other he holds the mace, an attribute he is easily recognized with. The mace symbolizes strength and is used to destroy evil forces and restore peace and righteousness. He wears a langoti, resembling modern day shorts. The artisan has adorned Hanuman with necklaces and other ornaments. He has wide shoulders portraying strength but his belly is slightly protruding. His large eyes and a wide mouth covers the entire face.

The worship of Hanuman is extremely beneficial. He is the giver of Riddhi (worldly gains) and Siddhi (spiritual achievements). To ward off the fear of evil spirits and inauspiciousness, his devotees chant slokas from Hanuman-Chalisa.

This description by Renu Rana.

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