Hayagreeva Avatar of Vishnu with his Consort Lakshmi | Handmade |

Hayagreeva Avatar of Vishnu with his Consort Lakshmi | Handmade |

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Lord Hayagriva is an incarnation of lord Vishnu, who came to recover the Vedas which were stolen by demons Madhu and Kaitabha and were hid deep under the waters. It is the responsibility of this guardian deity to restore all the knowledge at the correct place, hence he incarnated with the body of a human and head of a horse symbolizing him to be a god of knowledge and wisdom. Hayagriva is one of the unique avatars of Vishnu and is also hailed as Hayasirsa, where ‘Haya’ means horse and ‘Sirsa’ means head. This bronze sculpture of the Hayagriva avatar is an allure to the eyes; the way it is carved in superfine cuts and folds induces realistic vibes of the divine.

Lord Hayagriva is typically depicted in white color, adorned in white garments and residing over a white lotus. As shown here in this bronze statue, he is seated on an inverted lotus plinth in lalitasana with goddess Lakshmi (his consort) seated on her husband’s left lap, holding a flower in one hand and the other postured elegantly a little far from the body. Chaturbhujadhari blesses the devotees with one hand and the other is placed in support of his wife. The two posterior hands hold the iconic Vishnu weapons- chakra and conch.

Both the deities are gracefully adorned in designer dhotis and a vest that covers half of their waist; embellished in precious jewels all over their body. Both the deities are glorified in wondrous crowns, sculpted in multiple layers, with each layer chiselled in a different pattern along with a stylized broch decorated in the centre. The sculptor has amazingly carved the horse face of lord Hayagriva, keeping in view all the minor details of expressions and shapes.

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