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Krishna and Cow in their Rhythmic Posture

Krishna and Cow in their Rhythmic Posture

Symbolic of divine music that invites every creature to his abode, Lord Krishna sits diligently on this richly studded large inverted lotus pedestal with its petals filled with inlayed stones of green, red and blue alternatively and rest on a similar tricolored circular band at the bottom. The rhythmic tilt of this posture and the soothing closed eyes are iconographic to him being lost in the soulful track of his own flute.

Lord Krishna is one of the most energetic and youthful gods of the Hindu pantheon, famous for his chivalry, valiance, philosophy and cosmic avatar; also revered as ‘Gopala’ , means the one who loves cows. The cow we see in this sculpture sitting behind Krishna, is his Surabhi, whom he created and milked everyday; the posture of her head and intense eyes show that not only humans, even cows and other animals are also attracted by the vibrant charm and heavenly music of Lord Krishna.

Garbed by reconstituted stones in the best of his attires in a loving red dhoti and green top along with the blue stole that hangs from either sides; apart from these he is also adorned with other marvellous gold knick-knacks like, kamarband, anklets, bracelets, earrings, a long necklace that veils his body and the distinctive lotus haloed red-blue feathered crown that enhances his beauty, compassion and tenderness.

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Item Code: ZEM239
Brass Statue With Inlay Work
8.40 inch Height x 7.50 inch Width x 5.20 inch Depth
3.0 Kg.

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