Large Ganesha Seated On Lotus Throne with Large Kirtimukha Floral Aureole

Large Ganesha Seated On Lotus Throne with Large Kirtimukha Floral Aureole

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Lord Ganapati is the most worshipped deity all over in the entire Hindu pantheon, he is the lord or the master of ganas who is worshipped as the remover of obstacles. This large Ganesha statue carved with accurate forms and expressions in a bright color palette is a perfect piece to be placed at hotel entrances or temples enhancing their aesthetics as well as spirituality. He sits here on a pink lotus throne kept on a high raised floral pedestal colored in green with tinges of yellow and blue. Zoom in to the large multiple layered floral prabhavali, sculpted in distinctive patterns and a multiple color combination, topped with a glorious faced Kirtimukha with the large eyes and ferocious fangs curling out at the sides.

Ganesha in lalitasana is garbed in an ankle length dhoti patterned in horizontal wavy patterns of green and yellow shade; ornamented in lavish golds all over his finely textured body and the striated long trunk curls graciously from the end near his fat belly. Chaturbhuja carries a modak in his left hand and right holds the broken tooth as a gesture of his affirmed dedication; rear hands hold stylishly decorated weapons, Pasa and Noose.

Ganapati is gloried in a dual flower haloed long crown carved in South Indian temple styled briefings of multiple layers of distinctive patterns. The flappy ears are tattooed with small lines with the Shaivite tilak on his forehead marks as his patronage and the density of his eyes represent his intensity and divinity.

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South Indian Temple Wood Carving
70.00 inch Height x 40.00 inch Width x 10.00 inch Depth
89 kg
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