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Large Panchmukhi Hanuman in a Yogic Posture

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Large Panchmukhi Hanuman in a Yogic Posture
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The one who has five faces and ten hands and would grant all desires, is the much revered devout of Lord Sri Rama who took the form of ‘Panchamukhi’ (one with five faces) to slay Ahiravana (Ravana’s brother). When Ahiravana kidnapped Rama and Lakshman in disguise of Vibhishana, it was Lord Hanuman who stepped to save them, but the only way to kill Ahiravana was by blowing off the five sacred candles kept at five different directions at the same time. Hence, this justifies the Panchamukhi Hanuman form, which blew all the five candles at once and saved his Lord and Lakshman from Ahiravana’s hold.

This large wooden Panchmukhi Hanuman sculpture has every minutest iconography carved in perfection with each of his face distinguished in a different colour in perfect structures and eyes dipped in compassion as if willing to speak through. The one in the centre with the exotic sea green shade is the original monkey face (Kapimukha) of Lord Hanuman himself that faces east and confers purity of mind and protection from sufferings. One with red face is Narasimha (Lion avatar of Vishnu) facing South and showers with victory and fearlessness. Next to that is Hayagriva (Horse face form) who looks upwards when carved in a typical 3-dimensional form and grants liberation. Towards the right is Garuda (Vishnu’s vahana) in a pale skin shade, looking west and liberates from negativity and evil spirits. Last in the row is the boar avatar of Adivaraha who faces north and bestows wealth and prosperity.

The majestic appearance has the Lord in a yogic posture on a dual pedestal and all the five pairs of hands carrying their iconic implements and mudra. Sculptor’s usage of vivid colours adds to the charm of this sculpture. The slight outstretch of the bottom plinth has Hanuman’s mace (gada) decorating the place. The thick flower garland and luxurious jewels are an aspect of his superiority and divinity. You can’t miss out on the multi-tiered crowns that glorify their heads, with each chiseled in perfect patterns and a highlighted blue lotus strip amidst the regular colors of glory.


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33.00 inch Length X 9.00 inch Width X 45.50 inch Height
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