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Lord Krishna Playing Flute

Amazing Blue Green Gold
Brown Gold
Natural Brass
Lord Krishna Playing Flute

Lord Krishna is the god of compassion, love and tenderness and is revered as one of the prominent avatars of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. Krishna is interpreted as ‘all-attractive’, as the aura of his charm and purity captivates the eyes of the viewer. The beautiful brass sculptures you see on this page, depict Lord Krishna in his iconic Tribhanga posture, where the left leg crosses the right from front in an elegant balanced pose and waist and head tilted a bit. Krishna plays his flute arousing the most melodious tones that directly touch a person’s heart.

He stands here on an exquisitely shaped pedestal of multiple layers, carved in lavish flower and bird patterns surrounded by other sober and ethnic designs. The sculptor has carved each and every curve and shape in accuracy and smoothness which accentuates the natural beauty of this statue. Krishna is garbed in a highly stylized dhoti ornamented with a long and flairy kamarband and a stole, tied from one end at the left side of the waist and the other hangs down in ease from the right arm; decked-up with astonishing beaded multiple necklaces and large round kundals that match with his bracelets and anklets.

Zoom in to appreciate his thin and long eyebrows raised in excitement of the sweet tunes from his flute, realistically chiselled deep eyes and the long Vaishnava tilak on his forehead. The long uniquely styled crown that glorifies on his forehead is sculpted in amazingly beautiful coils in chains and beads with a densely striated peacock feather shaped in the centre at the top and a sweet leaf pattern, decorated richly towards the right. Exotic India offers this masterpiece in exclusive three shades of the natural glossy brass, shining copper and gold blend and the amazing crystalline blue and green tone highlighted with tinges of gold.

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Item Code: ZCJ40
Brass Statue
24.3 inch Height x 11.3 inch Width x 5 inch Depth
8 kg

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