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Lord Shiva Seated on Lion Skin

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Lord Shiva Seated on Lion Skin
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Lord Shiva, revered as the God of gods, the Mahadeva, has many forms: The destroyer form, the dancer form, the householder form, the aniconic lingam form, and the ascetic form. While Shaivism at its core says the God is formless in its ultimate form, the Param Brahma, each of the Shiva-forms represent an aspect of this Ultimate all-powerful entity.

The sculpture here depicts the omniscient Adiyogi form of the Shiva, as the patron god of yoga, meditation and spiritual arts. He sits in Padmasana holding a trident in his right hand. a damaru tied to staff of the trident just below the three spikes. His left hand holds a kamandalam. Holy river Ganges, depicted in the divine blue colour flows out of his matted hair.

Lord Shiva is depicted with a serpent around his neck and seated on a tiger skin. A popular story tells us the symbolism of the tiger skin. A group of powerful sages - in their jealous misunderstanding - once trapped the bare-bodied, ash-covered, nomadic Adiyogi in a pit, and unleashed a tiger on him. The tiger was a tantric manifestation conjured up by the mystical power of the sages. Shiva, being who he was, tore the tiger apart. The sages realised his true nature and fell at his feet. The tiger skin symbolism has remained since then as a victory of divine consciousness over the raw animal instincts within us.

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Brass Statue with Inlay
10.3 inch x 8.7 inch x 5.3 inch
3.2 kg
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