The Medicine Buddha -  Bhaisayaguru  (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

The Medicine Buddha - Bhaisayaguru (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

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Medicine Buddha is an extraordinary and precious healing meditation practice found in Tibetan Buddhism. the Buddhists recite the mantra of Medicine Buddha to overcome mental, physical, and spiritual problems. Not only the mantra, but the people also recites the name of the Medicine Buddha popularly known as Bhaisayaguru. The patient is to recite the long Medicine Buddha mantra 108 times over a glass of water. The water is now believed to be blessed by the power of the mantra and the blessing of the Medicine Buddha himself, and the patient is to drink the water. This practice is then repeated each day until the illness is cured. These practices have been conducted seating in front of the Medicine Buddha statues.

This glittering Brass statue of Medicine Buddha portraying him seated crossed-legged on a beautiful cushioned asana with a colored jar of medicine in his left hand resting on the lap, the Medicine Buddha's right hand is resting on his knee in the mudra of blessings, with a stem of a healing plant of medicine believed to be the best, in between his thumb and forefinger. Medicine Buddha is depicted as having a dark rust (blue, lapis lazuli) colored body, this being an archetypal color of healing.

He wears the monastic robe made of a single cloth, flowing evenly with a beautiful broad beaded border covering both the shoulders but open at the chest area. Perfectly beautifully matted hair locks on the head forming a conical crown with the unusual elongated earlobes. One must believe that by placing the Medicine Buddha statue at his home, the healing powers of the family members are increased and negative powers will not be able to enter the house.

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