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Golden Navagraha, Set Of Nine Deities

Golden Navagraha, Set Of Nine Deities
Hindoo Jyotishavidya has a science and a purpose behind it. Originally a Vedanga (‘anga’ is Sanskrt for part or section), it developed as a study of astronomical bodies in order to keep time for sacrifices and rituals. Characterised by predictive techniques (dashas) and harmonic horoscopic divisions (vargas), Jyotishavidya features the predominance of the navagraha.

Navagraha stands for the nine (nava) heavenly bodies (graha) that circumambulate or are circumambulated by the earth. The Sanskrt word ‘graha’ also means to seize or to lay hold of, so the navagraha are said to influence the lives of earthly beings such as ourselves. The set of nine handheld murtis that you see on this page is a quality navagraha composition, perfect for navagraha pooja or recitation of the navagraha kritis.

Starting from the left, the navagrahas are ravi (sun), chandra (moon), mangala (Mars), buddha (Mercury), guru (Jupiter), shukra (Venus), shani (Saturn), rahu (scending meteor), and ketu (descending meteor). Each is in the form of a chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) deity, their names engraved upon their respective pedestals. Most are seated in lalitasana on their respective vahanas in keeping with traditional Indian iconography.

Item Code: ZCF31
Brass Statue
6 inch Height x 4 inch Width x 1.7 inch Depth - Avg Size
7.8 kg

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