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Pranavajapa Yantra in Sterling Silver

Pranavajapa Yantra in Sterling Silver
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While yantras started out as elements of temple-adornment, they have evolved to become a highly complex visualisation aid. Initially they were carved from stones on walls, pillars, and ceilings, but now yantras come in all shapes and sizes. They are a functional, practical tool that the dhyani devotee may carry on one’s person or place amidst one’s icons. The one that you see on this page has been fashioned from sterling silver, embossed on which is the sacred pranava, an all-important unit of pronunciation, in Devanagari script.

Pranava is the reference for Ishvara, as expounded in the yogasootras of Maharshi Patanjali. Of an especial purusha (soul) that is devoid of all karma, its afflictive motivations as well as consequences, Aum is the name. The three syllables - a-kaara, u-kaara, and ma-kaara - constitute the universal sounding board of language; to chant the Aumkaara with the right attitude (pranavajapa) is to have uttered all of the Vedas and the itihasas. This yantra would be a valuable, spiritually functional addition to the space of any devotee.

Item Code: ZDD75
Sterling Silver
2.5 inch Height x 2.4 inch width
0.01 kg

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