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A Passionate Invitation

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A Passionate Invitation
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South Indian Temple Wood Carving
4.0 ft X 1.6 ft X 0.5 ft
27.5 Kg
"The charms of a beautiful woman whose body is painted with saffron, whose hanging necklaces are gently trembling with the heaving of her lovely breasts, and whose lotus feet are sounding with the melodious notes of the goose-like anklets, are truly irresistible by man on this earth." (Bhartrihari ca. 5th century AD).

The voluptuous lady here, adjusts her hair ornament, holding a mirror in the other hand. Her left hip is thrust out stylistically, emphasizing her sensuous rotundity. Though the hand of a skilled master is evident all over the artwork, nowhere is it more eloquently expressed than in the awesome bosom of the lady, the twin orbs enclosing a deep chasm, which in lesser females would have been called a cleavage. A befittingly heavy necklace cascades down like a waterfall between these two mounds. These ample domes jut out, thrusting themselves at the viewer, their well-defined projecting tips being both alluring and tempting. Indeed, the taut breasts seem to heave with an inviting passion.

Beneath the heavy bosom is a small, narrow waist, which finally widens again into the armful abdomen and equally extensive hips. In contrast to her upper anatomy (which is completely bare, save for a rich profusion of ornaments), her lower limbs are draped in a tight, clinging dhoti, which outlines her litheness, and at the same time emphasizes the elephant-trunk like nature of her thighs. The right leg is folded behind the left, much as Krishna does when he plays upon his flute.

All over the composition are scattered curvaceous vines which accentuate her own voluptuous form. The grace and sweetness of the vegetal life seem to pervade and enliven the lovely feminine body dominating the composition here. All around her are amorous signatures of nature, flowering vines, blooming lotuses, delicious, ripe fruits hanging in bunches, begging to be plucked, much like the lady herself, whose every gesture, subtle or exaggerated, is a passionate invitation.

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