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Peacock Lamp

Peacock Lamp
Illuminating an oil lamp at sunrise and /or sunset is believed to be an icon of enlightenment and brings about achievement, affluence, and superior health. In every Hindu dwelling, a lamp or Diya is lit every day before a divinity. The light in the lamp symbolizes acquaintance. It eradicates darkness( ignorance). The wick in the lamp implies ego and the camphor/ghee/oil represents our intrinsic propensities such as vasnas, ego, negative brain waves. When lit by the fire of knowledge which illuminates the lamp ( truth), our vasnas thereafter burnt-out or melt. Hindus believe that mayur is not only the mount of Karthikeyan, but also of Sarasvathi, the goddess of wisdom and learning.

This aesthetic brass made peacock lamp has been Cast and molded by extremely fine artisans with hard work and perseverance. It appears that mayur not only dancing delightfully but also singing . A magnificently carved nine - wicks circular plate has been placed on a slightly higher pedestal. A small well designed spherical post has been joined with the plate, over which the gorgeous peacock is fascinated by showing its adorable dance. Each part of Mayura is molded with a fantastically high degree of workmanship. Be it the eyes, or face, or crown, or cute beak or its wings, or vibrant feathers - all are admirably carved with grand expertise and aptitude.

Words are not accessible to exclaim. The wick- lighting space has been tunneled a little deeper so that after lighting the wicks will keep burning for a long time and the devotee will not have any problem in performing aarti. The myth is that the peacock has angel’s feathers, a devil’s voice and the walk of a thief. Antique Diya most suitable for home and office décor.

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Item Code: ZEN439
Brass Statue
11.00 inch Height X 6.50 inch Width x 6.50 inch Depth
2.00 Kg.

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