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The Quintessence Of Buddhahood

The Quintessence Of Buddhahood
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The glamour of the Buddha has been captured to perfection in this one-of-a-kind brass composition. One-of-a-kind because there are many elements to the iconography that sets this apart from your run-of-the-mill seated Buddha statues. The most striking aspect of this murti is the pedestal. Inverted and engraved with lotus petals in keeping with tradition, its circumference is significantly wider than the trifecta of the deity’s padmasana.

Then there is the pale silvery tone of the composition. While the Buddha is usually depicted with a complexion that is golden and radiant, this one has a more lunar influence. This makes a statement of samatvam or equanimity, the quintessence of Buddhahood. This quality of the composition is set off by the way the features have been engraved on that soft, round face - half-shut eyes, a brow the expanse of the open wings of an albatross, and a compassionate mouth.

Note the sheer proportion of inlay on this seated Buddha. Rich vibrant pastels such as aquamarine and Prussian blue and red, interspersed with deep yellow gold. Zoom in on those sections of the Buddha’s robe done with lifelike detail - the pleated end that goes over one shoulder, the way the edge twists outwards to the right of the waist, and the way it drapes over His gathered limbs.

Item Code: ZBC69
Brass with Inlay Statue
15.0 inch x 15.0 inch x 12.0 inch
7.8 kg

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