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Sculptures > Brass > Buddha > Samadhi Under The Bodhi Tree
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Samadhi Under The Bodhi Tree

Samadhi Under The Bodhi Tree

Samadhi Under The Bodhi Tree

(Rated 4.0)

From the shelter of King Shuddhodhana to the foot of the Bodhi tree, the journey of the Buddha is the stuff prolonged lifetimes are made of. The sheer habit of plenitude, broken at once by four singular sights juxtaposed against each other - of youth, senescence, disease, and death. When one night the Shakyamuni Siddhartha rose and left, He committed Himself to a life of indefinitude. Mendicancy and asceticism and austerities of the highest order, followed. The end of those harsh years found the sweet monk seated blissfully in the shade of a nurturing tree in Gaya, the picture of which has been captured with superb glamour in this composition.

Nestled between the heels of the skyward-turned soles is the almsbowl of the former mendicant. His legs are gathered in a perfectly symmetrical padmasana, clothed in a robe the upper end of which is draped over one shoulder. A stately-fingered, gorgeously shaped hand raised in blessing. Upon that erect spine is balanced a head with a familiar silhouette - lengthened earlobes, the stupa-like bun on top. Poised upon a wide-mouthed lotus pedestal, the qualities of the solitary-growing flower reflected in that handsome face.

The Bodhi tree spreads its golden branches behind the seated Buddha. Its luxuriant leaves - each leaf protruding from each branch, carved with the finest precision and symmetry - are home to the Indian tropical parakeet. They are perched upon the tree, seemingly drawn in by the profound samadhi of the Buddha.

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Brass Statue

28.50 inch Height X 19.50 inch Width x 13.50 inch Depth
27.80 Kg.
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$1665.00   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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Samadhi Under The Bodhi Tree
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Namaste and many thanks! Lovely collection you have! Tempted to buy so many books!
Revathi, USA
I received my order. Thanks for giving the platform to purchase artifacts of our culture. You guys are doing a great job. Appreciate it and wish you guys the best.
Manju, USA
Fantastic! Thank You for amazing service and fast replies!
Sonia, Sweden
I’ve started receiving many of the books I’ve ordered and every single one of them (thus far) has been fantastic - both the books themselves, and the execution of the shipping. Safe to say I’ll be ordering many more books from your website :)
Hithesh, USA
I have received the book Evolution II.  Thank you so much for all of your assistance in making this book available to me.  You have been so helpful and kind.
Colleen, USA
Thanks Exotic India, I just received a set of two volume books: Brahmasutra Catuhsutri Sankara Bhasyam
I Gede Tunas
You guys are beyond amazing. The books you provide not many places have and I for one am so thankful to have found you.
Lulian, UK
This is my first purchase from Exotic India and its really good to have such store with online buying option. Thanks, looking ahead to purchase many more such exotic product from you.
Probir, UAE
I received the kaftan today via FedEx. Your care in sending the order, packaging and methods, are exquisite. You have dressed my body in comfort and fashion for my constrained quarantine in the several kaftans ordered in the last 6 months. And I gifted my sister with one of the orders. So pleased to have made a connection with you.
Thank you for your wonderful service and amazing book selection. We are long time customers and have never been disappointed by your great store. Thank you and we will continue to shop at your store
Michael, USA
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