Seated Chaturbhuja Ganesha with Cushion

Seated Chaturbhuja Ganesha with Cushion

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Ganesha is the god of curation and protection; worshipped before starting any sacred or non sacred work as a symbol of good luck. ‘Chaturbhuja’ means Ganesha having four hands. He is easily identifiable because of his unique elephant head and symbolizes the spirit and body of the wise. His mantra, ‘aum ganeshaya namaha’, means, ‘in what we are about to do, let wisdom be our guide’.

In this sculpture, he is seen sitting on a designer two layered pedestal with left leg resting on a cushion on the left and right leg folded inwards. The mouse (mooshak), his sacred vehicle, sits on the right side with an excitement of eating the laddoo, representing Ganesha’s desire and ability to reach every mind. Ganesha’s left hand holds a laddoo as a gift of hardwork, which he is eating with his marvelous flower patterned trunk; right hand is in Abhaya Mudra blessing his devotees. Rear hands hold a lotus for purity and affection and conch to convey followers to come and prey. The ample stomach is to digest all good and bad in life and move on. Big decorated ears represent the ability to listen everything at all times. He wears a yellowish colored dhoti with flower design and a greenish colored stole. Shaivite tilak is artistically represented on his forehead along with symbols of Trishul and satiya; deep eyes represent his continuous concentration on his works. Enriched with dazzling jewels and a heavenly decorated crown with a flower shape aureole makes his appearance note worthy.

Ganesha is the god of everyman. This marble statue has a great magnetism because of artists’ perfection and patience in making it.

Item Code: ZEN107
White Marble Statue
18.00 inch Height x 15.50 inch Width x 7.00 inch Depth
37.3 kg