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Seated Lord Ganesha with Kirtimukha (Large Size)

Seated Lord Ganesha with Kirtimukha (Large Size)


Lord Ganesha is the Deva of all and a figure of great mystery, power and paradox; he is the patron of arts and sciences and a remover of obstacles. This popular figure in Indian art is worshipped at the beginning of every ceremony and is easily identified because of the distinctive Elephant head. This sculpture of Ganesha perches in lalitasana on a highly raised multilayered throne carved in lotus flower patterns; every layer is chiseled in a different style of design followed by multiple colors. The thick prabha mandala is decorated with an outer border of flower petals in a shade of green and yellow and an inner layer of alternate colored brick patterns with a fierce Kirtimukha face atop.

Chaturbhuja holds a laddoo and the symbolic broken tusk in his anterior hands and posterior hands hold the iconic weapons, parasu (axe) and pasa (noose). The sculptor has realistically shaped his belly that protrudes out hiding the waist belt on his dhoti. The green colored ankle length dhoti is carved in beautiful horizontal creases and embellished luxuriously in varied colors and size of jewels. The large flappy ears are tattooed in half sun design highlighting his sun-like glory.

The artist has beautifully used a blend of red, yellow, green and orange shades while giving colors to this large wooden statue. The flower haloed long crown that glorifies on his head is carved in flamboyant South Indian style of carvings in multiple layers. Mooshak (Ganesha’s vahana) sits on the pedestal near the Lord’s feet eating laddoo. Zoom in to the striated trunk, tilted towards right representing the power of sun and that it has to be worshipped with proper rituals and practices.

Item Code: ZCY24
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
28 inch Height x 18.5 inch Width X 4.7 inch Depth
9.8 kg
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