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Seated Shyama Tara

Natural Brass
Amazing Antique Gold
Antique Brown Gold
Black Green Gold
Indian Cocoa
Seated Shyama Tara
Devi Shyama (Green) Tara is easily distinguishable from Devi Sita (White) Tara by the stance of Her feet. While one foot is gathered close to Her like in siddhasana, the other is made as if to rest on a lotus. The Shyama Tara murti that you see on this page depicts the Devi seated without a pedestal, the golden hems of Her dhoti spread about Her and the right foot resting on a bloom left to the devotee’s imagination.

It is a superbly sculpted number that comes in a variety of coloured finish, from which you are welcome to choose depending on the colours and tones prevailing in your space. Devi Shyama Tara has the form of the immortal Himalayan yogini - long legs, a stately torso, and slender arms. Each aspect of Her form and face has been carved with the perfect symmetry and precision, a hallmark of the artisan’s twin qualities of skill and shraddha. The minimalistic ornaments on Her person serve to accentuate Her lithe form, while the golden lotuses on either side of Her set off the characteristic five spires of Her crown.

Devotees turn to Devi Shyama Tara when they need succour against too much prevalence of the ego, anger, ignorance, jealousy, delusion, desire, and attachment. In this light, She is a Bodhisattva of the highest order, the mother of all Buddhas, unequalled in both beauty and compassion.

Item Code: ZDV97
Brass Statue
27.5 Inch Height inch x 21.0 inch Width x 17.5 inch Depth
24.1 kg

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